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THE TRUTH HURTS:  On 9th July 2007, Robert Scott, M0CRY, and his wife Dawn, 2E0WTZ, started a new page on their website to advertise a new online petition which was put together by Martin Abbot, G7WIR as the only administrator for petition for M0CRY to place on the GB3LK website.     (link to the live petition)     The text of the petition reads: 
This petition is a chance for local Radio Amateurs to have what they really want. A very efficiently run local Repeater where everyone can enjoy the hobby and stay in touch. Somewhere not switched off every five minutes. Somewhere not running on low power most of the time. Somewhere with no abuse of hassle. Just a place to enjoy the hobby. That's what everyone wants after all. Not an exclusive club. A repeater where all are welcome. It's time for GB3OK and GB3LK to have a new repeater keeper. Someone who cares about the users and not himself. So let your keyboard do the talking. Sign now and let's get our hobby back on air in the South East.......

We thought we'd keep a record of as many posts as we can before they get deleted.

UPDATE:  On 10th July 2007, less than a day after creating the petition and seeing what people really think, they removed both the petition page, along with the link to the petition, from the gb3lk website.  I now wonder how long it'll be before the posts on the petition start to get deleted, or the petition itself gets deleted.  Never mind, we'll still have this record.
# Name Comments
1 M0CRY Is a Jamming bastard
2 Dawn (2E0WTZ) Thanks for your post above. Obviously you don't understand why the petition exists. Again, I say supply evidence to your claim, even better be proud of your statement and sign your OWN name or SHUT UP. Visit for the TRUTH.........Meanwhile enjoy the silence, 2e0wtz
3 andrew adams yes, well, firstly,,I want nothing to do with you, robert scott,, or your web site,,,, so I do suggest you remove your comments about me,,,I seem to remember you visiting my qth ,,many years ago for some technical help, and having a lovely chat with my parents,,, then promptly slagging myself and my parents off, on the west london repeater,,,,so, nothing changes there then,,,I personally believe you have a medical condition,,,I do suggest you get it looked at,,soon, meanwhile ,carry on being a complete pratt and total loser,,,it seems that is what you are very good at,,,,if you have a problem with this statement,,I suggest you come and visit me,,,,you know where I live,,,,
4 Anonymous It's just another step in your vendetta against the repeaters and its keeper. We have all heard the file of your foul mouth on the laughing policeman site and by the sounds of things you have been caught jamming. You are a nasty piece of work which is why some of us including me stay anonymous, we don't feel we should have to suffer your nonsense. The sooner your husband’s licence is revoked the better it will be for amateur radio. And as for your sad petition we are all happy to keep things as they are that’s if the repeater comes back on-air, lets face it thanks to husband we have no repeaters.
5 Sid (For Pope) You sad, sad idiot ! You must be the most pathetic individual it has ever been my misfortune to encounter ! As already mentioned by Andrew Adams, Rob Scott is a vindictive, abusive and thoroughly nasty piece of work with a mouth that just wont shut ! He has a history of violence against people who disagree with him or anything he says or against those who oppose him in any way. You seem to be trying to convince people that a change of repeater keeper will solve the problems but THE REAL TRUTH IS THAT YOU ARE JEALOUS OF THE CURRENT REPEATER KEEPER AND HIS SUCCESS. YOU HAVE NEITHER HIS TECHNICAL SKILLS AND ABILITIES NOR DO YOU HAVE THE DIPLOMACY, PATIENCE AND FOREBEARANCE TO PERSEVERE IN THE FACE OF PATHETIC JAMMING IDIOTS LIKE YOURSELF. THE ONLY REASON THAT THE ABUSE MIGHT STOP IS BECAUSE ROB SCOTT HIMSELF IS THE SOURCE OF THAT ABUSE ! Now, go and shove your pathetic attempt at propoganda where the sun shines not ! Idiot !
6 Sid (For Pope) and another thing ! Quit lying to your wife about your jamming activities !
7 Sid (For Pope) btw... if anybody wants me i'll be in the rat's nest. ; )

(M0CRY Not the Admin)

9 Doesn't Matter Just to put the record straight - you CANNOT edit posts, you can remove them but not edit them. I have used these Ipetitions on many occasions both for starting petitions and as signees and the posts are final even if you pay money to upgrade your petition, it still doesn't allow you to alter peoples views and opinions!
10 Anonymous It was a sad day when Rob Scott got a licence. He is not the sort that does the reputation of Ham Radio any good.......SAD.......SAD ......DAY
11 phatteric Maybe you should step away from the bong for a while Rob ? It's no good you being jealous and busting a gut, if you smoked less dope you might be able to get off your arse and do something constructive like get a repeater on air ! But it's much more fun for you to just get stoned and paranoid and slag off everyone else while jamming to try and provoke people into attacking the repeater keeper isn't it ? GET A LIFE U PRAT !
12 Devil's Advocate So come on then, when, as your website says, are you going to provide proof off your complete innocence. All the 'truth' and 'statement' pages on your site are just things that either prove nothing or are a fabrication which I think you have started to believe yourself! You have clearly lost sight of the real truth and the sad thing is there are too many other things on the internet, many of which you have openly posted, which put you in the frame. As you can see from the postings on here too many people have a idea of your character and , (a little proverb for you), as a leopard never changes his spots they know what you are up to and can see right through your silly games. So why don't YOU 'PUT UP or SHUT UP'. Where's the proof of your innocence? 73, Another disgruntled Amateur
13 Jack Frost Don't be such a plastic policeman or a pratt. Tiny is doing a grand job. He set up the repeaters, all the hard work was done by him. It is the Rubbish that abuse all the repeaters that causes the repeaters to be switched off from orders from 'uphigh'.
14 m0cry AKA Billy no Mates Ha ha. Looks like the shit's finally hit the fan. Where was it I read that "the truth hurts"? Oh yes, it was on Let's face it, a million flies can't be wrong. When are you going to wake up and smell the roses Scott? Nobody likes you and we all know what you are. If you had any decency in you you'd crawl into a corner and cut your throat.
15 M3 If you're so worried about the hobby and Repeaters why don't you start your own from scratch and not try and take the glory of somebody elses hard work You could jam it all day long and no one would give a sh*t get a life
16 M6 (nr Birmingham) I, along with all the other motorways in the country are wondering how long the repeaters will be 'jammer-free' if they come back on air. Not long I'll bet.
17 M62 (nr Leeds) Yeah ! That goes for me too !
18 Nob Snott Why have you removed the link to this petition from your website? Whats the matter - "Does the TRUTH HURT?"
19 2E Zero RAT I haven't taken the link off my site ! Click on 'Other Stuff' in the menu.
20 Anonymous Robert it seems to me by going through all the trouble and expense of building a website to prove your innocence just highlights the fact that you are guilty of the things you've been accused of in the past, bearing in mind all the eveidence that has been collected about your antics. You should grow up and leave Tony and his repeater group to continue providing an excellent service for radio amateurs. Maybe YOU should find yourself a new hobby!
21 worlingham woofter start here
22 DRS (2E0WTZ) Do you ever get the feeling that maybe this has gone to far and you haven't had the result you wanted. And I quote "Where have all my 'friends' gone", "oh how we laugh!!" Back to the subject - the local Amateurs had what they wanted, a very efficiently run local Repeater where everyone can enjoy the hobby and stay in touch. That was only switched off when you jammed it. It was on low power due to another real problem not just some no-brain-dweeb jamming it. It's down to you two thats its off so now none of us have a place to enjoy the hobby. I hope you are satisfied!
23 Anonymous Robert I do not need hear say about you jamming I have been behind you when i have caught you on the 3rd harmonic with 200 dB of intenuation So give up and crawl down the big hole you have dug your self
24 LW TAXI DRIVER you are as much a jammer M0cry as that squeeking pratt G7uzn is. you and he have much in common, you both jammed LW for years.
25 lord vader Grow up u stupid bunch of chypocrits call yourself ham radio operators your nothing more than a bunch of no good pissants who couldent solder shit grow up and shut the f up or u will loose ham radio alltogether u muppets how old r we . ????
26 G7ERX HaHa! this is funny I'm howling! This puts me in mind of the chimpface gang and their constant bullying towards me and Simon and my girlfriend. Like Rob I'm sick to death of their rhetoric.. The fact of the matter is I RULE GB3AL and the amersham boxes and I quote "I will do whatever I have to to stop the local chimps using my repeaters"they cant handle that... 1-0 To ERX I do feel left out though nobody seems to be bothered with jamming me and my friends anymore..
27 Mr Pastry The Radio Clown I find the whole thing laughable. I also find it strange that M3 stations are much better operators than the so called old hands the G4's ,G7's etc. Repeaters are a TINY part of amateur radio(which has deteriorated as a hobby over the last 20 years). Try using a local echolink/voip node as they are much more reliable than repeaters and i have never seen a case of abuse on one yet . GET REAL PEOPLE .I think repeaters have had their day and tend to attract abuse from various parties. Just look at the abuse that went on on GB3SL. When i listened to GB3OK a few weeks before it shut down some of the old squeekies and jammers now appear to have obtained licences OH HOW TIMES HAVE CHANGED. GB3SL did not have to be closed down all the time .PEOPLE HAVE VERY SHORT MEMORIES.looking at these silly petitions i see little hope for our hobby. WE ONLY HAVE OURSELVES TO BLAME. 73's im off to 80m now to chat about the weather and my tomato plants and the my sons barmitzvah :-)
28 Silly Arguement

(G7WIR the only admin at the time deleted his own post)
This is how to treat jammers. Ignore them !!! I have just heard the Laughing Policeman song being played on GB3DA and all that happened was it was ignored. There was no Repeater Keeper moaning and winging, the repeater wasn't turned off, there was no one pointing the finger and eventually the jammer will just get bored. That's exactly how GB3OK and GB3LK should be treated. We don't need a paranoid repeater keeper switching it off every five minutes. How has that helped? All it's done is left us all with no repeater and spoilt the hobby for a lot of mobile operators. I admire their loyalty but was the shutdown really necessary? Look at the way other repeaters have tackled this problem in the past. It should have just been ignored and the repeater left on for everyone to just get on with it. As for the GB3LK website. That's for Tony and Rob to argue out but why turn the repeater off? Pointless. If that is what Rob wanted to happen then he's won and you've played right into his hands. Get a grip and lighten up a bit. Life's too short. The website is not harming the repeater.
29 Mr Pastry The Radio Cloown I think that now squeekies and jammers have obtained licences and try to project an air of respectability and still try to obtain credibility within the radio community that the time has come to review the role of repeaters within our hobby. Myself and others have not forgotten what went on on GB3SL and indeed the jamming that went on on GB3LW. Many of us still own the tapes of what went on on both repeaters and they make very interested listening, and some of the photographs of known jammers in action would make a whore blush :-). Some of the videos would have certain so called respectable stations in tears of shame( a bit grainy now but still viewable (and now available on DVD with a cleaned up soundtrack. :-) A repeater needs strong management and must be self policing as ofcom and the RSGB dont seem to care anymore. Turning a repeater off because of a website has no bearing on the running of a repeater and could be seen as bad mangement. In fact i might make some of the recorded material available to ofcom and the RSGB if this situation with london repeaters does not cease ASAP. IT IS A HOBBY FOR CHRISTS SAKE ,ENJOY IT. after all these years im beggining to think the A.R.G (anti repeater group) were right all along. some of you should hang your heads in shame(you know who you are) :-) 10 10 till we do it again Mr Pastry
30 craig crap
31 Rob (M0CRY) I believe a change of repeater keeper would be a good idea, maybe the Kent Repeater Group could take over the running of these repeaters and maybe they would then stay on air serving the purpose for what they were intended. Most funding has come from the users so therefore Raving Looney would not be too far out of pocket. This removes from the loop Mr. Ravelini who always switches off the Repeaters if he doesn’t get his own way, for me most of my operating is not on VHF so it makes little difference to me if they ever come back on! See for more info Remember the Notice of Variation for these repeaters is a privilege and not a right to mess up you’re operating with constant interruption to the service they provide for no good reason. Regards Robert Scott (m0cry)
32 Arrogant M0CRY. Are you really so arrogant that you believe you have any right to a say in who does what with the repeater? All you ever do is destroy things, you never contribute. You say it makes no difference to you, so why not shut the fuck up? And get your facts right, they are not constantly interrupted. The rest of us are quite happy with the way the current repeater keeper does things as most of the posts above show. The only people who have sided with you are your wife and other jammers. What I see here is a six foot 240 lb (your wife's words) bully attacking a weak target. Your website is both pathetic and a disgrace, but it shows you off for what you are.
UPDATE:  At this stage post 28 by 'Silly Arguement' was deleted from the live petition (but our copy above remains), which is why there are two number 32's. Everything after 28 moved up by one count.  I thought post 8 said no posts would be deleted?
32 R.S (M0CRY) Thanks for your post, if you do not like what you read then do not look. Read the Morse? See for details Post your answer on G1HIG's guest book. First prize a free entry into the ex GB3OK equipment draw. Second Prize - a night out with the UPT in a Basque or a sleep over with the EGZ. The choice is yours - fuck your luck I WOULD RATHER BE SAVAGED BY A PACK OF WOLVES WITH RABIES! 73 de m0cry P.s Oh yeah, and the only thing 'weak' about her is HIM! Maybe you should grow some boll**cks and put your name to YOUR posts.
33 Rob Idiot Scott This petition is a chance for local Radio Amateurs to have what they really want. How philanthropic of you Rob ! A very efficiently run local Repeater where everyone can enjoy the hobby and stay in touch. Er... Isn't that exactly what we had till you started jamming it and being abusive to people ? Somewhere not switched off every five minutes. But it only gets turned off when you've been jamming for quite some time ! Somewhere not running on low power most of the time. It only gets put on low power to try to prevent your jamming and music being broadcast all over the southeast. Somewhere with no abuse or hassle. Just a place to enjoy the hobby. That's what everyone wants after all. Again, Rob, that's what we had till your jamming screwed everything up ! Not an exclusive club. A repeater where all are welcome. But that's exactly what it was ! EVEN YOU were welcome until it became obvious to everyone (even my hamster knows) that you were the one responsible for the jamming and the abuse ! It's time for GB3OK and GB3LK to have a new repeater keeper. Oh, really ? Because YOU think it's a good idea ? Someone who cares about the users and not himself. LIKE THE GREAT PHILANTHROPIC ROB SCOTT ??????????? I think not ! So let your keyboard do the talking. Sign now and let's get our hobby back on air in the South East....... Ok.... Here's my keyboard doing the talking.... YOU MUST BE OUT OF YOUR TINY MIND ! Have a nice day.
34 Paul Puller What a puller you really are! You put on the site that you have now placed a petition with ipetitions on the web for a new repeater keeper because you thinks that is all what we want, then when it aint going your way, you first remove it from your site, then it comes back as a useful link!!! We aren’t thick peasants as you state on your site, we can see exactly what you are and that is a very, very sad man, who enjoys inflicting unnecessary hassle and agro to others, but guess what you time is numbered on radio because you are so transparent we can all see through you. Paul Puller
35 Don Quay Scuse me..... but does anyone know where I can get a pack of rabid wolves ?
36 Inspector Morse Try
37 Alouisios P. Phartnuckle That's site has shut down. Try
38 ds (2E0WTZ) Nice to see your keyboard is still working F7!! Do you really think you have THAT much support?? Dream on you sick and twisted little scrote. By the way the Sweetloves send their regards!!
39 A supporter ;-) Rob I agree with you. Take over the repeaters. I feel sure you could obtain the equipment to build the repeaters and apply for the licences. You should realise that if and when you do so, Tony owns all the equipment and the licences of the repeaters so you would have to start from scratch. I feel sure that you could go skip hunting for the parts. If you need any advice on skip hunting contact G6ITD, as he is the expert second only to G4NEX now living in St Oysth. But what will you do for obtaining the orgasms that I feel sure you get when jamming and squeaking. Will you not have withdrawal symptoms for the many years that the repeaters are down whilst you replace them? Final, I expect you will again violate your licence conditions by once more act the pratt that you are on GB3LW. If you do, then a curse will be placed on you by myself. As my great grandmother was a Polish gypsy and was made very rich by placing curses on people for a fee from a third party. I have inherited this skill. So, may the fleas of a thousand apes infest your armpits and arsehole. May lightning strike your antenna whilst you are jamming and when your balls fry you will be squeeking for the rest of your life.
40 1884 (M0CRY) " Jamming request " Pete burns, you spin me round round baby right round like a record baby round round round round. That would be a nice tune to listen to.( And very Apt ) to all you fellow jammers.On your marks a get set ,The minute gb3ok comes back online jam away. And as the currant owner of gb3ok looks like pete burns im sure your all agree he will love it. Im in surport of Rob.And all reading this should know that he has been Victimized over the last four years and im sure could quite easily take over the repeater and keep it up and running for more than five minutes at a time.
41 Your just a jamming git M0CRY stop jerking over your keyboard and get yourself a life, sad bastard.
42 Victim My arse, how can a bully like Rob be a victim, his only a victim of his convictions.
UPDATE:  And on the morning of 12th July the petition was gone.  Closed.  That didn't last long did it.